Adolescent Community Residence Youth Home

The Youth Home provides complete care for a total of eight co-ed children and youth ages 12-18.  The Community Residence (CR) serves youth diagnosed as severely emotionally disturbed (SED) and qualify for a structured community residence environment.

The overall goals and objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To provide a healthy and safe residential environment for seriously emotionally disturbed youth in the least restrictive environment
  • To provide a therapeutic milieu which focuses on assisting the participant to improve and enhance the social/emotional and functional behaviors within the home and community
  • To facilitate child and family linkages, as appropriate
  • To foster and encourage appropriate use of community resources
  • To reintegrate the participant to the least restrictive environment as possible in as short as time as possible

Respite Bed – Community Residence Youth Home

The Respite bed within the Community Residence provides access to families for the temporary care of a child on an emergency or planned basis or by providing relief from caregiving responsibilities for the family. This eases the on-going stress often experienced by families of children with serious emotional disturbances. Community Residence workers supervise the child and provide a structured and safe environment.  The child interacts with same age peers and engages in recreational activities that support his or her constructive interests and abilities.