The ReHabilitation Center offers various care management models to ensure your child receives the care and services they need.  A primary responsibility of every care management model is to develop a care plan that identifies needed services. 

Individualized Care Coordination (designed for children with severe emotional disorders, ages 5-21)

This service  is the first and ongoing point of engagement for the child and family. It performs the case management functions for the (HCBS) Waiver and oversees delivery of the remaining five services. It ensures on-going partnership with the Waiver child and family as well as ongoing collaboration with treatment providers. Individualized Care Coordination encompasses development and oversight of service plans.

Children’s Case Management  / Health Home (designed for children diagnosed with a mental health disorder and/or a chronic health condition.)

A Health Home is not a physical space. It is a children’s case management model. 

This service model has been created to provide quality family-driven, youth-guided care management to children and youth by partners experienced in both managing and providing care to children and their families.

This is done primarily through a “care manager” who oversees and provides access to all of the services the child or youth need to ensure they stay healthy, out of the emergency room and out of the hospital.

A Health Home is comprised of a network of organizations – providers, health plans and community-based organizations whereby all of a child’s caregivers communicate with each other to ensure all of a child’s needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner.

For information on services provided by the ReHabilitation Center, click on the links below:


Rehab CHHUNY Rack card

Childrens Services flyer


Medicaid Service Coordination (Designed for children with developmental disabilities from birth)

A Medicaid Service Coordinator, MSC, provides information and options to a parent/guardian to help them make informed choices for the child.  The MSC assures the parent/guardian has a good understanding of the child’s situation and has their questions answered. Together, the child and/or the parent/guardian and MSC identify valued outcomes and necessary supports and services. They will also develop an individualized service plan which is reviewed at least twice a year. The MSC can assist a child in advocating for themselves with family, programs, and service providers.  MSCs will link and refer parent/guardian to OPWDD and community services best suited to addressing valued outcomes. The MSC will meet with the individual and/or their family several times per year.  During these meetings, the MSC will discuss current services, health/safety concerns, satisfaction with current services, and the individual’s  desire/need for additional services.

For additional information or to speak with someone to see if you qualify for any of the above listed services , please contact Central Intake at 716-375-4740, ext. 110.