There are so many services available to your loved one with a disability that navigating through them to find the best ones may be challenging. We are here to streamline the process of discovering which of our services are most appropriate to your needs.

We will explore with you what is available, which services are most helpful, and what services the person you are caring for is eligible to receive?

So, how do you go about applying?

Getting Started

While you can access descriptions of the various available programs using the links on this site, it’s important that you also know that we have taken all of the mystery and confusion out of trying to answer these questions on your own. Our Central Intake program is in place to help guide you through the exhaustive menu of options – including other, community-based options not related to The ReHab Center, if that program is best for your loved one.

One call to our Central Intake department is all that’s required to start answering the weighty questions listed about.

Contact our Central Intake program by calling 716-701-1135 or by emailing