Weekday Jackpot 2017

The Weekday Jackpot is back!
The Weekday Jackpot gives you 51 chances to win $100-$1,000 with weekday drawings from April 24th – June 30th, with a special $1,000 drawing on July 4th.

How to get tickets:
Stop into our Rehab Center Admin Building: 1439 Buffalo Street in Olean or, print the attached form and mail in with a check or cash, and we will send you your ticket! Weekday Jackpot Form

Tickets are 1 for $30 or 2 for $50 (double your chances!)

Proceeds from the Weekday Jackpot Drawing benefit The ReHab Foundation Learn More Here.

2017 Winners List:
Week 1 – April 24th – 28th

M – $100:John Firkel
T-$100: Sister Mary Immaculate
W-$100: Ellen T. Bald
Th-$100: Lucia Scotty
F-$500: Janae Kosciol

Week 2 – May 1st – May 5th

M – $100: Russell Tierson
T-$100: Brett Marzec
W-$100: Dave Kime
Th-$100: Cathy Foss
F-$500: Liz Gaines

Week 3 – May 8th – May 12th

M – $100:Mary Deibler
T-$100: James Schifley
W-$100: David Straight
Th-$100: Nancy Wonderling
F-$500: Rhea Shaw

Week 4 – May 15th – May 19th

M- $100: Melford Greene
T-$100: Philip Gabler
W-$100: Margie Kosinski
Th-$100: Helen Zaleski
F-$500: Paula Ayers

Week 5 – May 22nd – May 26th

M- $100: Ann Schifley
T-$100: Dale Bisker
W-$100: Pauline Porter
Th-$100: Dusty Undervorben
F-$500: Mike DeBarbieri

Week 6 – May 29th – June 2nd

M- $100: Dolores Anstaett
T-$100: Linda Manross (yay!)
W-$100: Brian Abram
Th-$100: Travis Aderman
F-$500: Jeff Page

Week 7 – June 5th – June 9th

M- $100: Darrell Klute
T-$100: Patti Yehl
W-$100: Irene Pierce
Th-$100: Carrie Higley
F-$500: Veronica Schreck

Week 8 – June 12th – June 16th

M- $100: Mark Luca
T-$100: Cathy Foss
W-$100: Brock Ormond
Th-$100: Bob Gardiner
F-$500: Vida Vitello

Week 9 – June 19th – June 23rd

M- $100: John Holloway
T-$100: David Hildebrand
W-$100: Crystal VanPatten
Th-$100: Theresa Ballak
F-$500: Larry Pavlock

Week 10 – June 26th – June 30th

M- $100: Anita Wesley
T-$100: David McGonnell
W-$100: Frances Crouch
Th-$100: Frank Aloi Sr.
F-$500: Lucille Hildebrand

$1,000 Drawing Winner

Janice Rickey