Respite, by definition, means “time away from care.”

In-home respite  is short-term care provided by a well-trained, dependable respite provider, and is offered either in the individual’s home or in the home of the provider.

Highlights of this service include:

  • A “scheduled” break for caregivers from the demands of raising a special needs child.
  • Assistance in areas of personal care.
  • An intensive intake packet, completed by the family, offers the respite provider information pertaining to typical activities of daily living, favorite foods, sleep habits, behavior concerns, favorite activities, levels of supervision, medication information, and much more. This leads to a much more fulfilling experience for the individual receiving the services.
  • An introductory meeting with the provider prior to receiving services
  • Services to individuals of any age.
  • Services provided in a values-based atmosphere.

Site-based respite bridges the gap between the time the individual we support finishes school or work and the time his or her caregiver arrives home from work.  The program provides a supervised and safe environment where participants are able to develop friendships with their peers, participate in fun activities, and develop their own senses of identity and belonging.

Also, site-based respite offers a recreational program a few Saturdays per month. These activities include blowing, going to movies, local fair/special events, and overnight events generally held four times a year.

To qualify for respite, the individual must live at home with his or her parent(s) or guardian, have Medicaid and be waiver eligible.