For more than 45 years SubCon Industries has been employing people with disabilities to provide quality services to local businesses in shredding, packaging, mailing, commercial cleaning, assembly and light manufacturing in its two work centers in Olean and Salamanca. Federal and state policy is now actively promoting employment and service options that offer people with disabilities the opportunity to fully participate in their community.   The plan is to phase out models that are perceived to segregate people in settings only for people with disabilities.

In an effort to ensure this transition is as seamless as possible for the people and families we support, the agency has fully embraced preparing people for employment in the competitive marketplace.  This initiative, which was introduced years earlier, has been preparing and training people for employment through the agency’s Employment Connection department.  To assure people with disabilities continue to have work options due to the changing policies related to work centers, the agency launched its social enterprise business model, InTandem Solutions.

Social enterprise refers to businesses that are financially self-sustaining and promote a social mission of prioritizing jobs for people with disabilities.  InTandem Solutions offers job opportunities through two distinct business divisions. Our commercial cleaning business provides comprehensive cleaning services to area industry and professional office building. Our supply chain support division offers assembly, packaging, kitting, and order fulfillment services to customers who are looking for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their product supply chain.


For more information, please contact:

THE EMPLOYMENT CONNECTION – 301 N. Union St, Suite 201, Olean, NY  14760

716-375-4770, ext. 424 | 716-373-5322, ext. 304 |