new ReHab logo no tagEmployee Community Wellness Initiative

In efforts to engage our staff, be more present in the community and share our focus on community wellness, we are encouraging employees to participate in community wellness/athletic events (biking, walking, running, etc.). Employees can earn wellness points for participating in these events. (click here for calendar)

How it works:

  • Each organized community wellness/athletic event is worth 1 wellness point. A maximum of 2 points can be earned, although we encourage you to participate in as many events as you would like.
  • Each individual is required to pay any necessary registration fee associated with these events, other than the Corporate Challenge which is covered by the agency. Please follow registration instructions for each individual event. These costs are individual to each organization and are not associated with The Rehab Center/Foundation.
  • To receive wellness points, proof of participation must be presented to Joan Cobb or Marilyn Conlan (registration printout, etc.)
  • Elena Bombardier (ext. 562/ building) will have employee community wellness shirts by mid-May, which we encourage you to wear when you participate in these events. We also encourage individuals to participate together and take photos of Rehab Center participation! The Corporate Challenge is a separate event, and we will have a different team shirt for this (see below).
  • Family, friends and non-agency employees are also welcome to sign up and walk/run with you at these events
  • Click here for  an updated list of 2017 wellness events in the community. Please feel free to share any others you come across so we can add them to our calendar. The listing will be updated regularly and posted at

*The Corporate Challenge, scheduled for June 22nd, will be coordinated separately by employee health – please contact them with any questions about that particular event. Corporate Challenge participants receive separate t-shirts, an additional wellness point, and the cost will be covered by the agency.

 Questions? Contact Elena Bombardier at ext. 562 or

Training for a run or just starting out? For running/walking support, join the FREE local running facebook group, Olean Area Runners (OARS): Olean Area Runners Group