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The ReHab Center is committed to doing everything we can to provide meaningful employment for every individual we serve who wants it.










SubCon Industries

SubCon Industries is a division of The ReHabilitation Center that provides employment training opportunities for adults with disabilities. It is dedicated to developing vocational skills and good work habits in the people it serves as a way of increasing their self-esteem and helping them become productive and contributing members of the community. Without the jobs SubCon provides to people with disabilities, many of its workers would languish in their homes without achieving the personal growth and sense of self-worth they get at SubCon.

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Employment Connection

The Employment Connection is a division of The ReHabilitation Center that provides a variety of vocational services to people with disabilities or disadvantages who desire to work in the community. In addition to securing community-based employment training and placement for individuals, The Employment Connection is dedicated to helping people maintain their employment through a combination of case management and job coaching.

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